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Dining Table to Desk !

Time between your dining table at home to your desk at the office is so paramount that it can make or break your day. Let’s see how...

Don’t worry. It sounds strange, but its true. See, I’m not the kind of person who would tell you stay positive all the time. I know its not possible all the time ( I totally understand ). The more you try staying positive; the more you start feeling negative & worried about not being able to stay positive. But be sure to trust your efforts ! 

Now, coming to our topic here. Your office might be 550m away from your home, or maybe 10km. Does that really matter? For many of you travelling too much is a matter of distress, but I think having at least 15 mins or a little more travel time from your home to your desk is a benison ! MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Don’t do shit like writing unnecessary reminders in your phone for the day, playing PUBG or even watching Netflix ( cause you slept midway binge watching ! ). Just talk to yourself. I mean.. don’t freak out people around you by literally doing it. Just a simple process in your mind where you ask yourself that CAN I DO BETTER? Everyday is a new opportunity where you can take responsibilities for your actions and ask yourself CAN I DO BETTER? It doesn’t matter if what you did the previous day was right or wrong, upto the mark or no. Just one question - CAN I DO BETTER? Regardless of how hard it is, what can you do to beat yourself everyday? No excuses. It’s not your boss’s fault that you’re not rich. You are what you are because of you chose to be that way ! CAN I DO BETTER is the question you ask yourself every time you travel to work, or even to your educational institutions for that matter.

The thread below is open for you all to share if this made any difference to you !

Trust yourself. You’re a wolf ! 



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